Online Music Lessons

Instruments that we teach

Start your music lessons now with us from anywhere on the globe. All you need is an internet connection, a tablet or laptop (even a smartphone) and you can get started!
Lady learning piano online
Online Piano Lessons

Learn how to play the piano or develop your skills under the guidance of an expert piano teacher who specialises in teaching adults. Improve your skills drastically whether you are an absolute beginner or a proficient amateur pianist.

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Guitar lessons online
Online Guitar Lessons

Improve your guitar playing drastically with a top-notch guitar instructor. Benefit from the most excellent advice and learn techniques that will boost your understanding of the guitar tremendously! All levels welcome.

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Singer taking a lesson online
Online Singing Lessons

Develop your vocal skills tremendously thanks to the expertise of an outstanding singing teacher who genuinely cares about your progress! Whether you are interested in pop, rock, jazz, classical, opera, blues or musical theatre!

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Saxophonist learning sax online
Online Saxophone Lessons

Unleash your inner Charlie Parker or John Coltrane by attending our terrific saxophone lessons specifically designed for adults. Master your favourite jazz standards, build a rock-solid technique and learn how to improvise like Sonny Rollins!

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Online Violin Lessons

Whether you are an absolute beginner or a proficient amateur violinist, benefit from excellent violin lessons provided by exceptional violin teachers who have an unparalleled understanding of adult education and a passion for passing their remarkable knowledge on.

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Lady learning cello
Online Cello Lessons

Our world-class cello lessons are ideal for those who wish to benefit from the highest cello education and guidance of outstanding cellists who specialise in teaching adults. Open to all cello lovers from beginner to advanced.

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Online Drum Lessons

If you are a drum enthusiast avid to take your playing to the next level and improve your technique tremendously, our drum lessons are undoubtedly perfect for you. Whether you are into rock, pop or jazz, we will be delighted to help you develop and become a fantastic drummer!

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Bass lesson online
Online Bass Lessons

Have you always wanted to learn how to play bass? Would you like to learn all the tricks of the trade including slap bass, walking bass, rock/blues bass and how to ever improvise on the bass guitar? You are in exactly the right place! Unleash the Jaco Pastorius within!

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