Why did we start the online adult music academy?

Why did we start the online adult music academy?

The Online Adult Music Academy has been created to offer amateur musicians from anywhere around the world the immense privilege to benefit from the highest music education.

For years adult amateur musicians have been left in the dark without a platform where they could express themselves and develop their passion.

The new technology has indeed offered more opportunities to adults to connect with professional musicians than in the offline world. Still, no ideal structure was put in place to learn and study music suitably and appropriately.

It is relatively easy to find some online lessons on the internet, but we wanted to provide adults with an organised and serious music academy that would be a replica of our successful music academies for adults in London, Paris and Dubai.

Thanks to our 20+ years of experience in adult music education, we have already delighted a countless amount of music lovers and continue to offer the most excellent music education to adults who play for pleasure, whether they are absolute beginners or proficient amateur musicians.

However, reaching all the music enthusiasts across the globe can only be achieved through online technology.

For this reason, we have decided to open The Online Adult Music Academy.

We are proud to work with exceptional music teachers who have not only been selected for their impressive technical and musical abilities but also their lovely personalities.

They all have a vast experience in adult music education and know how to adapt to their students. As they are incredibly patient and understanding, you can be assured to study in a wonderful atmosphere without ever being judged or negatively criticised.

Our brilliant music teachers are passionate about teaching adult amateur musicians and enjoy passing their remarkable knowledge on tremendously.

At The Online Adult Music Academy, lessons take weekly on a set day and time and can be attended from anywhere around the world.

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